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Welcome to para-site-seeing! The travel blog for deadly Leishmania parasites. We’ve been traveling for millions of years, transported by sand flies, into humans, dogs, lizards and recently we had our first out of body experiences in flasks, petri-dishes and slides in the lab. Read the 8 blogs on our site for different Leishmania stories, and follow  @LdBOB72  on twitter for regular updates on our travels.

You've got till the 31 Aug to see the fantastic Para-Site-Seeing: Departure Lounge by Rod Dillon & Jen Southern. Don't miss it! Check out the fb album here: #LifeSpaceDundee #SciArt #LifeSciences #ParaSiteSeeing #Leishmania #ContemporaryArt #DrugDiscovery

Exciting news! We've got our very own hot drink machine in the gallery, as modelled by the awesome @EndriuT 😄 Even better, we've even got some free tokens for folks who visit the gallery at the weekend. Give us a shout if you'd like a #FreeCoffee for your #Parasiteseeing trip

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